How to “Stay in Style”

- Every creation is unique and solitary forever.
- Personally certified and guaranteed by the proprietors.
- Every creation is precisely documented in our creation and quality control process. In the unfortunate incident of loss or damage reconstructive design is possible to ‘regain’ the original creation. Very advantageous in case of insurance cover.
- Our manually and carefully crafted pieces create limitless luxury and infinite indulgence.
- Each creation line possesses it’s own monochromatic framework and design.
- Vivid colours and design bestow an elegant and timeless expression
- On application to be crafted with noble stones like diamonds, tanzanite’s etc…
- Ornaments to adorn the lady for every season, event and place.
- Perfected through our hallmark “el punto azul“.
- Eclectic and sophisticated crossover of Classic European taste with the vibrant style of Egoli.

General Overview

Gepardissima ornaments are in many variations made with

precious stones, lava gem-stones, fresh-water pearls, shell pearls, Biwa pearls,

corals, shells,

enamel, Cloisonné, Swarovski Crystal elements, Murano Glass, Mother-of-Pearl,

Balsa timber,

sterling-silver or gold clasps, silver-plated or gold-plated findings,

silk flowers & accessories such as feathers or coloured fur-pieces.

Minerals in our sense are all varieties of precious stones in beautiful, interesting and exceptional colours or combination of colours and other characteristics essential for artistic or ornamenting purposes.Crystals are minerals with highly structured and ordered patterns of molecules, which excel or are effective through colour, geometric pattern, light or hardness.