Large Ladies bag “Isolde”

R 8,700.00

Jewellery photo is symbolic.MINTAKA jeweled by GEPARDISSIMA goes with jewellery trinkets individually designed. Creation line shown “DeliciousDune”. One shoulder strap. Magnetic closure and drawstring. One large compartment. One inner zip pocket.  One long slip pocket. Business card slip pocket. Cell phone slip pocket. Moc suede inner. W 250 x H 280 c D 125 mm


Jewellery on photo is symbolic. MINTAKA creation goes with jewellery trinket of individual creation. Accessories (like card-holders and key-holders)  for practical reasons do not go with jewellery trinkets.                                    

                  At present leather creations MINTAKA  jeweled by GEPARDISSIMA(TM) are available in the following creations lines colours: BaroqueBaracuda:orange,DeliciousDune: sandbrown , DonaDivina:dark blue,  EternalEgoli:middle brown,GraciousGreen:bright green, JungleQueen :brownish green,   KoralKiss:plain red, LadyLeopard:dark brown,LavishLavender:Blush violet, MustiqueMoon: shining blue,    ObscureObsession :black,  PinkParadise:pink, ReinaHelena :dark rose,   TourquoiseBourgoise:          turquoise,  SupremeSoprano:dark grey,BeautifulBride:white.

At present the following colors and creations lines can only be delivered by price on application – higher as the present retail price – as we are working on extending our color palette.  Within one year we hope to have the complete palette ready and can then offer all colors and creation lines at the same price.

                BrilliantButterfly:pale rose, FabulousFir:dark green, JacarandaJoy: dark violet, JuicyJupiter : dark orange, JuicyJupiter:dark orange, LewdLabia :flesh color,LilacLips:lila, PreciousProtea: classic rose,PurplePuma:intensive dark red,SavannahSunset:bright orange, SumptousSunnyside:bright yellow, SowetoSoul  and TemptyTwenty: in two of the South African flags ZA colors of your choice,      LustrousLoliwe: midnight blue.