Sources of art pieces and photos

We may refer and recommend for reading & viewing the following books and art collections as our sources of inspiration and wisdom in our ramble through paintings, pictures and photos:

  • Sylvia Ferina-Pagden: Isabella d’Este. Princess and Maecenas in the Renaissance.
    Catalogue of the “Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien” (do not miss it when you are in Vienna!) 1994
  • Rolf Toman (Publisher): The Art of the Italian Renaissance, Koenemann 1994
  • Xavier Barrak y Altel: History of the Spanish Art, Koenemann 1996
  • Alessandro Bettagno (and others): The Prado Museum (take three days for that when you are in Madrid and enjoy and then go to Las Ventas !), Fonds Mercator 1996
  • Klaus Albrecht Schroeder and Maria Luise Sternath (Publishers), Albrecht Duerer, Albertina Museum
    (visit it, when in Vienna !) 2003
  • Sylvia Ferino-Pagden and Lucia Fornari Schianchi (Publishers), Parmigianino, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien 2003
    Baroque in Naples – The art at the time of the Austrian Viceroys, Electa Napoli 1993
  • Robert Descharnes.Gilles Neret, Dali (quite an exceptional book on a genius!), Taschen 1997
  • The Painting, Volume 11 and 13, Grammont 1987
  • Mohamed Amin.Duncan Willetts. Brian Tetley, Journey through Zimbabwe
    (an exceptional book showing a beauty hopefully to be restored)
  • “Unforgettable South Africa”, Calendar 2011 and 2012
  • Josef Bramer (edition of the artist): Voralpenlandschaft, private possession of Gepardissima owners